Reply To: How to change slider(carousel) each item slide duration time?

    HTML Team

    Hi, For these need to modify the “assets/js/active.js” file. Please go to this “assets/js” folder and open active.js with a text editor. Then find your specific slider or carousel activation class or id. Then add “pause” parameter.

    Note: You can find your activation class on your HTML file at Slider or Carousel sections.

    Example: For “.testimonial-content-landing” activation.

            // Home Landing Page Testimonial JS
                item: 1,
                slideMargin: 0,
                loop: true,
                controls: false,
                pager: true,
                auto: true,
                speed: 400,
                pause: 2000,
                adaptiveHeight: true,
                addClass: 'portfolio-carousel-wrap'

    Note: you can find any options or parameter for any carousel of Arden template here:

    Thank you.