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    Kausar Al Mamun

    I bought Flone Theme.

    1. I’m from Poland and would like to change the currency to PLN – Polish currency. I can add new currency but there is still GBP. In “WC Multi currency” i changed GBP to PLN, in “Currency” tab i added new currency – PLN but can’t delete default GBP. When i open website prices still are in GBP. User can select and set PLN but i want to set PLN as a default without any others.

    2. At header, I can see “gtranslate” text and phone number and on the right free delivery on order over $200. How to edit it or delete?

    3. I would like to change products style. I selected as a Home 8 Minimalist theme. But I would like to change to products miniatures style. Where and how can i do this? I tried to edit it with Elementor, but there i can set font size, how many products in row etc.

    4. In products object there are text buttons on the top – “Best Sellers Clothing Electronics” How to edit it, or remove?

    5. Cant see any product. When i click f.eg Sunglass i can see in link …/product/sunglass-with-tissue-2/ but no any product here, same with other items. Only home 1 theme why? You didn’t add any?

    6. Where can i translate my website? Can i translate everything in dashboard settings and fronted elementor editor or need i also change it in some files? F.eg when i go to cart and I want translate every name here

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